Regional Arts Program


SYNERGY has been helping students gain entrance to Regional Arts Program (RAP) schools like Mayfield Secondary School & St. Thomas Aquinas . We prepare you for the audition: the  presentation, dress code, all requirements and what to expect during the audition.
Depending on your chosen field we will ensure you have met all the requirements, are well prepared, confident and give you the confidence to ace the interview! 99.5% of all our students are successful using our program. We offer private instruction for auditions in ART, DRAMA, MUSIC & DANCE
We will take you through the interview process and prepare you for one of the most important days of your educational life:
- Interview
- Dress code
- What to expect
- The presentation
  1. Art
    Drawing Class The Interview Portfolio
  2. Dance
    Ballet Barre Ballet Centre Practice Basic Modern Dance Improvisation Solo Dance
  3. Drama
    Monologue Character development Personality, voice and movement Improvisation Reading passages
  4. Music
    Solo performance with your instrument Music studies Scales, rhythms, technical exercises