Summer Music Camp Classes

Instrumental Classes
Instrumental Master Class 
minimum RCM 2
An intensive course offered once a week for one hour in performance. It highlights historical context, style, interpretation, musicianship and performance practices. Designed for students who are looking to further their studies in performance at a performing arts high school or college/university program.  Each student will perform a piece of their choosing while their peers provide constructive feedback. Students will be able to interpret music from instruments other than their own: guitarists will be able to see what violin music looks like for example. The end result is a refined musician with a deeper understanding of performance and their instrument. 

Performance Anxiety Program
All levels and ages
An essential course designed to help with the nervousness of performing live in front of a friend, examiner or stage from small intimate crowds to large concerts. This course helps students identify and develop ways to overcome “stage fright” and uses methodical approaches and positive reinforcement enabling a musician to achieve his or her highest potential. The course will also focus on how to practice productively. Once a week for one hour.

Learn to Play the Recorder 
Beginner Students 7 – 14 years
This course will introduce students to music, theory and the practical side to recorder. Students will learn in a group environment and will receive semi-private instruction that will help them succeed in their musical/recorder studies in elementary school.

Game and Media Music
Minimum RCM 1
Students will have the unique and fun opportunity to play simple arrangements from games, movies, TV shows and other forms of media collaboratively with other students and different instrument types. Intermediate proficiency on their instrument is expected. This course will look at memorable soundtracks (old and new) from shows such as Game of Thrones, movies such as Jurassic Park, the Godfather and Pirates of the Carribean, or games like the Legend of Zelda.

Performance Camp

2018 TBD

This invitation only camp is designed for our most dedicated musicians. Spend a week immersing yourself in an all music camp taught by our senior teachers. Assistant director & senior piano teacher, Kristin, and theory manager & orchestra conductor, Chris will lead students through intensive theory and history lessons.

In addition to theory and history, students will be paired up with others and given music that will push them to the next level in performance, while teaching them how to play with other musicians. Classes will be supervised and coached by senior music teachers.

The final day will result in performing and recording videos for YouTube and our website! (Parents who wish to opt out of this will be provided a private video of the performance). Special performances will be invited to our Festival of Stars Scholarship concert and the Peel Music Festival the following spring.

Highly recommended for students who are in grade 7 or 8 and auditioning for a Regional Arts Program, students entering grade 9 in a Regional Arts Program or students preparing for history and theory exams.