Available for Ages 7+

All of our programs use an individually supportive approach focusing on the strengths and challenges of EACH child. At SYNERGY we know how learning  differs from child to child and aim to support this fact as best as we can! We promise to be as patient and encouraging as possible with your child's challenges and as praising and honest as possible when advancing their skills.

Music: Depends on the lesson/skill being learned and teacher.

Curriculum: Mixture of Jazz and Ballet techniques included in a dance supporting emotion and self expression. See Lyrical - movement related to the lyrics of the song. (Please note, it does take a certain level of maturity to excell in Lyrical/Contemporary dance)

Class includes: Cardio, stretching, strengthening, body awareness, positive posture practice, grace and musicality recognition. Flexibility, across-the-floor and centre Ballet/Jazz techniques will progress week to week according to child's individual level. Students will also be introduced to composition, choreography and performance skills. This class includes multiple dance combinations a year to support the different and ever-evolving emotions and movement expressed through Lyrical/Contemporary dance.

Lyrical/Contemp​​Ages 7+