June 4th, 2017

Dear Dance & Drama parents:
Some of you expressed the idea of wishing you could "Sign Out" your Kinder & Pre-Dance students earlier than the end of the show.

We have decided to offer the choice of early dismissal for students in Kinder & Pre-Dance Classes under the age of 6, that have already performed. Please note that should you wish to re-enter the theatre with your child, they require that you purchase an extra ticket for them.

Feel free to send your child in with a labeled water bottle and snack for the duration of the show, they often treasure this time together with their friends in our huge waiting room. We will provide a Lost & Found box at the Academy for items left inside. Please label everything.

As we are finalizing all details, the show will most likely be approximately 2 1/2 hrs in duration,  depending on technical smoothness and student readiness to perform.  

Sign In Times: 12:00pm - Kinder & Pre-Dance Sign In/Out Table is straight ahead of the entrance and by FIRST NAME. (all"Other" classes at 11:30 am)

Remember that we need time to warm up and get them into show order. For a relaxed experience please be on time.

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