Elite Triple Threat

Selected students ages 6+ participate in their own "Pre-Comp Showcase", 2 Regional Competitions in the Spring & 
our June Recital at the Rose Theatre . 

Term: Sept-June (Audition required)

Visit our drama page for more information regarding our triple threat classes. 


Individual Entries 
Selected competition students ages 6+, participate in our local competition, earning a trophy and written adjudication in the spring

Individual Competition entries do not participate in the end of the year recital.

Term: 5 weeks Competition preparation, dates to be announced in February. Audition required
(not recommended for High School audition prep unless under the age of 12)

Contact Miss Shereeka
Ballet Classes

Performance "Acting & Singing" Intensive Workshop

Open to any student (ages 6 +)  
          Elite Triple Threat students: Mandatory.
- Acting Technique, Improvisation, Basic Audition Etiquette,
- Vocal Technique, Characterization, Vocal Performance Etiquette.
- Audition for Triple Threat or Drama Competition
- Determine class level and true potential (may be invited to transfer to a higher level class)